A Calling

“This pretty brand is the result of a long reflexion and a deep desire to share and create. Passionate by fashion and jewelry, I have always designed my own jewelry and had them made by a handcrafter in an Atelier in Dubai.
I had specific ideas I couldn’t find in jewelry stores.
So I began to look after handcrafters who could make
the jewelry I was dreaming about.

Surprised and glad to receive compliments about them, I decided after a deep reflexion to share my creations.
And Lettres d’Or was born

A vision

I want to create jewelry pieces that we are happy to wear and offer, pieces that are remembered.

I take a lot of pleasure in designing our jewelry and following the confection. I hope to transmit as much to those who will receive them.

Wearing our jewelry is supporting the uniqueness, the quality and the Savoir-faire of handmade.”