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The Making of a customizable jewel

The handmaking of a customizable jewel

As you may know, our jewelry are handmade, and it is such an art.

Having a raw material such as silver and shape it into a delicate and fine jewel requires talent, patience and dexterity. On this article, we want to show you the meticulous and hard work behind our creation to deliver you the best unique jewel. So keep scrolling to know more about the fascinating hand making process of a customizable necklace.

The silver we use for our jewelry is 925 silver coming from Italy. It is received as grains:

 The grains are then melted into flat plates:

The design that the client choose is written in a paper that is cut and then glued to the silver plate:

Now the meticulous work and talent starts. With a small saw, the silver plate is cut into the word shape:








We use the saw to round off the edges and then we sand and file to make sure the outlines are perfectly smooth.


We now have a perfectly shaped silver name.

The long polishing and cleaning process that will give back the jewel its natural shine can start.

The polishing allows to bring out the essence of the material by removing all the imperfections related to the making.

The silver plate is polished with 3 different tools:

  • The first one to clean all the impurities due to the making process
  • Second one to make the plate perfectly smooth
  • Third and last one to give back the shine of the silver

Then, the jewel is put in ultrasonic water, following with “vibrated” water (water put into a vibrating tank) for deep cleaning.

After that the necklace is dried with powerful steam.

The different pieces of the necklace (attach and chain) follow the same polishing and cleaning process.

All the pieces are assembled together, and voilà!

Your customizable necklace is ready.



I hope this article made you understand better the meticulous and hard work behind each customizable jewel.

If you want to see more images about the making of a customizable necklace, we made a short video about it on our Instagram account, you can see it here:


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